Registered Massage Therapist 

My journey as a massage therapist started on a trip to New York. New York is a place where I have made many life decisions. Two days before I was to return to Canada, as many people, I needed to purchase souvenirs. My cousin suggested bath bombs, which were popular at the time. However, these bath bombs were made by hand, infused with rose petals and various herbs. I can still smell them. As I approached her stand in a popular market in Queens, she said assertively, “you're thinking of making a career change. That's great because you are a healer and that's what you're meant to do”. I did not confirm or deny. I believe God has Angel’s here on earth that relay messages to us along the way and she was one of mine. I call it postcards from heaven. I returned to Canada, applied to massage school and quit my corporate job. The rest is history. I am a wife to an amazing human and a mother to two beautiful, intelligent and challenging children. I have worked in many environments; chiropractic (Spine Advanced Dundas Chiropractic), Spas and wellness centers. I also certified as a doula 6 years ago. I have a special place in my heart for pregnancy massage. I became part of the Havens Medispa team 5 years ago. I love being part of a team that loves and are passionate about what they do. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. I am currently enrolled in holistic nutrition at IHN, as well as learning B.E.S.T,  NPT (neuro-plasticity treatment) with a master in her field. I believe it is important to continue learning, so you can always offer the best quality service and support whole health.

With Love | Tash



Lead Esthetician 

Michelle has a vast product & skin care knowledge. She is extremely passionate about beauty and esthetics. She has 11 years of experience in the field. Fun fact about Michelle: She's never lost a dance off!

I challenge you to a dance off after your next facial treatment with me :). See you soon!

With Love | Michelle




Kerry-Ann's passion for skincare developed into a career when she completed esthetics school in 2005. Her skill and attention to detail shine through every treatment she performs. Kerry-Ann enjoys performing all services in the spa but she receives extra pleasure doing facials and massages because watching her clients doze of from the level of relaxation she provided them gives her total satisfaction . Her focus is using the best treatment with the best results for her clients. Fun fact about Kerry-Ann - She is a Jamaican. She  likes cooking and she enjoys her food.

With Love | Kerry-Ann




Hey beautiful, I'm Malyka! So excited you took the time to get to know a little bit about us. Let me start by telling you a snippet about myself. I'm a graduate of Humber college with a diploma in Esthetics and Spa Management. I completed my studies in 2014 and it's been an amazing  ride ever since. I've  worked for a small salon doing strictly laser hair removal and other medical services and I've also worked in the hotel industry catering to all sorts of fantastic people just like you! So many reasons why I love what I do, but I'm most passionate about you're comfort and relaxation. Whether you need a mini venting session or a vacation away from your daily life I'm here to help. I definitely enjoy providing you with the tools and advice necessary to achieve your ultimate you. I'm diligently skilled in the waxing department providing you with a quick and easy experience. Perhaps, you prefer a slower pace a facial accompanied by the sweet sounds of spa bliss is also an area of expertise. A fun fact about myself, I'm a cosmetic specialist and I also love to sing  la la la laaaa. 

Well that's all from me for now. 

-Ps I can't wait to meet you!  Welcome to the family! Xox

With Love | Malyka




With over 14 years as a Medical Esthetician. I have had the privilege of serving & working with many incredible people. Havens is fortunate to have such an amazing team that treats every client with love, passion & respect. Thank you all!

Over the years I've learned that you get more joy by "making" another person's day less stressful and just a bit more relaxing. I'm a stickler for information and I pay great attention to details. You might say I'm a little bit obsessive, especially when it comes to waxing. Ask anyone of my clients, they will tell you, "she will not leave a single hair behind", Lol. I remember all my clients names, what they do for fun, their favorite foods, what their allergic to, where they last went on vacation, I can remember our last conversation, even if it was a year ago. However, my team will tell you once in the spa I will misplace my cell phone and my car keys at least 10 times in 1 day...... Don't ask me how  ðŸ˜‚😂😂 

I hope you've enjoy learning a bit more about me. It took me 2 sleepless nights to put this together, just kidding. See u soon.

With Love | Nat