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Male Brazilian Waxing


Alternatively also known as Manzilian...

A Brazilian or Bikini wax for men is similar to the waxing women experience. Waxing involves the application of soft or hard warm wax on an area where you wish to remove hair. One of the most-touted benefits of waxing is that, unlike with shaving or tweezing, the waxed area will stay hair-free for weeks. When the hair does grow back, it’s generally finer and softer than before.


Men Who Wax…

Some of the guys who enjoy the Brazilian bikini wax do so because of their profession, hobbies or preferences. It’s not surprising then that the following guys regularly take it all off (but not limited to):


·         Bodybuilding competitors

·         Swimsuit models

·         Professional swimmers

·         Female impersonators

·         Professional male dancers

·         Bicyclists

·         Guys who like wearing skimpy swim wear

·         Guys who simply just prefer smooth skin to hairy skin


In addition, an increasing number of men in major metropolitan cities like New York, Miami, Mississauga, Toronto and Los Angeles, a growing number of straight & gay men are looking for professional hair removal service to make for a perfectly smooth experience. While some people sing the praises of more heightened senses after waxing, others simply prefer a clean look.

Here are a few tips and advice...

  1. Dress comfortably when coming for your waxing.
  2. Expect to be naked waist down while brazilian/bikini service is been performed.
  3. Physical handling of genitalia while service is been performed may lead to an erection. This is perfectly normal however after a few wax strips, the issue often disappears.
  4. Avoid shaving for 2 weeks before coming for your waxing to get the best experience and value for money.
  5. You will be educated on all contraindications (if any) and post care of waxed area(s)
  6. You can expect your Brazilian or bikini wax to last from 2-6 weeks. This varies by individuals depending on rate of hair growth. However you can expect to rate of gradual reduction in rate of growth and increased hair softness after a few regular sessions
  7. Will it hurt? Yes. Especially if it is your 1st time and you have a low pain threshold or highly sensitive. However our professional staff will do all they can to minimize or distract your attention to the pain the best they can. With a few consistent sessions under your belt, you will notice the pain gradually reduces because hair is softer and skin is smoother.
Post Waxing Care:
1. If this is your first wax, you will experience skin sensitivity within the area for 24-48hrs.
2. No tanning, hot tubs or sauna usage for 48hrs after your service. Heat and sun exposure may burn your skin.
3. Do not exercise or take a hot shower following your service.
4. If your skin sensitivity is heightened after your service, apply a cold compress to sooth your skin.
5. Exfoliate 48hrs after your service, continue to exfoliate on a daily basis.