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  • Women Brazilian Waxing

    C$55.00 C$45.00

    Brazilian Waxing - Soft Strip Wax. Inside Bum Only included. No double dipping.

    Preparing For Your Brazilian (These are things you can do):
    1. Take a shower prior to visit, if coming from work -  no worries (optional)
    2. Take an Advil 20-30 minutes prior to your appointment. This is a recommendation (not a must). This can help alleviate pain sensitivity especially if this is your 1st wax. Please consult your medical doctor as needed (optional)
    3. No scrubbing, exfoliation or lufa usage 24hrs before your appointment.
    4. Your last shave has to be at least 3 weeks prior to waxing service. In order to get the best results, your hair growth needs to be 1/4 of an inch. 
    5. Wear loose fitting clothing. Tight clothing causes skin sensitivity and irritation.
    6. Don't worry, be calm. You're in great hands :)

    During & Post Waxing Care:
    1. During your waxing session, you may experience slight follicle bleeding especially if this is your 1st wax. This is totally ok!
    2. If this is your first wax, you will experience skin sensitivity within the area for 24-48hrs.
    3. No tanning, hot tubs or sauna usage for 48hrs after your service. Heat and sun exposure may burn your skin.
    4. Do not exercise or take a hot shower following your service.
    5. If your skin sensitivity is heightened after your service, apply a cold compress to sooth your skin.
    6. Exfoliate 48hrs after your service, continue to exfoliate on a daily basis.